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The Business manager is looking to get more money on its investment return over the time; however, there are many barriers in front. HSSE is not just a tool to show the business compliance to the third parties, but also is a managerial tool to secure the long term profit for the business operation.

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Professional HSE Management

Daily HSSE inspection highlights some safe or unsafe conditions. Business operation requires diverse decision making and operational plans. My HSSE team would help your organization be ready to encounter with the change impact at the shortest time. The change without its HSE and sustainability readiness would threaten the business brand and its reputation. Managers need to monitor the HSSE readiness level of its organization through continuous metric system. Moreover, senior manager knowledge of the overall HSSE level in their assets could impact the way he/she steer the operation.

Buildings & Offices

How much HSSE do you have in your office? Some may have high level of safety but bear with low level of security.


Buildings including offices and warehouses are parts of business Asset. This platform help your company to give the HSE score to each rooms, corridors and floors while you can understand each building overall HSE score.

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What is the HSSE score at the current activity? The amount of HSSE in each task may be varied by access to the ERT and the way a team be prepared for that activity.


A wide range of activities may carried out by contractors. The overall HSSE score at each activity is an evidence of the contractors HSSE commitment. Integration of these evidences provides a trend of HSSE performance of the executive team at that period of time.

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Wide range of machinery from heavy to the light vehicle may be employed in project. By this service, the safety inspection at the machinery could compile into the machine overall HSE score.


Wide range of machinery from heavy to the light vehicle may be employed in a project. By this service, the safety inspection at the machinery could compile checklists into the machine overall HSE score by considering the risk of each items and the nominated criteria.

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Human Resource

Depends on the result of medical check up, security check, attended HSSE courses and type of the assigned task, people could be allocate different HSSE score.


One of the most important part of a business asset is the Human resource. Each employee may have different HSSE score depends on its Health, Safety, Security & environmental culture in compare with the assigned tasks.

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Different industries have been benefited from the advance risk based inspection system which ranged from the Offshore Oil & Gas EPCF project to the onshore tank-farm General contractors. This system also was tested in hard-copy format within the port and marine services.


Underlying HSSE Services

Depends on how a business set up its HSSE strategy in their business, it may need different tools for its management. The following services might be interest of your company:

  • Analyze the HR overall HSE responsibilities and performances
  • Audit machinery HSE conditions and layouts
  • Understand the overall safe/unsafe level embedded in each asset or working environment
  • Recognize the HSE performance on diverse operations and activities
  • Issue the monthly HSE performance certificate for contractors or the Asset manager.

Our customers say:

” The Hazard-Cloud model is an organizational and managerial essence to analyze the HSE situation of the organization; fortunately the National Gas Company as the safety pioneer, launched its research and development team to test it for the first time.”
Dinary, NIGC Safety manager

“Lack of metric tools to measure the organizational safety performance for executives has always been one of the organizational deficits especially in developing countries.

Investors and insurance companies almost considering the safety importance due to its financial and legal perspectives; employing this model (hazard cloud model) conducts managers to improve its internal productivity”

Torabi • HSE Researcher
“By being aware of the hazard risk level listed in the safety Cardex, the operator could go on the right decision while operating the equipment. The risk-based safety reporting system through the hazard cloud model was an interesting innovation I have ever seen so far”
Amini; Head of Heavy Machinery Operation & Maintenance, Isfahan Steel Production

Latest News

In Nv 2021, one of the 5-stars international hotel invites our professional team to measure the overall safety peformance in the hotel. It takes 2 monthes to do safety audits on different hotel sectors (Infrastructures and rooms, workshops and engin rooms, resturants and caterings, Room services and supportive units, Recrutional services and pools). Then a completed reports in 200 pages declare their overall safety conditions, their anomalies and the amount of budgets needed, distribution of risk and safety performances in each assets and service units. Are you interested to receive this services just with 50 US$/day?! Send us your request

How We Assist your Team to Manage Dangerous Goods Incidents Scene within 3 Minutes?

December 7th, 2017|

Emergency Response Action To minimize the impact of incidents on the business assets and its stakeholders, the company must developed practical action plan to mitigated the ungoing incidents promptly. It could be one or


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Since 2010, we have had the opportunity to set up and practically test the exclusive professional risk model through following valuable companies. You might be the next opportunity to benefit of this unique experience as well.

Building Inspiring HSSE Management

Actively manage Health, Safety, Sustainability and Environmental challenging issues in your projects and through the investment. It would be inspiring when each management steering subsidiaries by realizing their own HSSE performances.


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