Beyond Receiving just a safety certificate

It’s essential by safety regulators that machineries were in the safe situation before its usage by a company. Different registered safety certificate bodies might be employed by companies to do this survey leading to receive a safety certificate for the machine. Our team was invited to do this service based on risk and help the maintenance department to issue the safety Cardex internally, in line with assisting them to receive the annual safety certificate.

The safety Cardex system was a written document that highlight the risk of different IPLs (Independent Protection Layers) in each machinery in addition to reporting the failure rate of that machine. Risk of each IPL, also, would adapt in accordance to the verity of professional safety checksheets that developed by our machinery experts. Twelve different types of heavy machineries such as cranes, side boom, liftruck were examined and got audited leading to issuance of overall risk mentioned on the safety Cardex.

Safety Certificate vs. Safety Cardex

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  • During the operation, safety inspectors ask of having the safety certificate, but annual safety certificate could not highlight the trend of changes. How the operator may got inform of the last situation of machinery that encountered with operational failure yesterday!

  • Safety Cardex highlightes details of safety IPLs in each machinery that provide the last safety concerns and operational situations for operators just within the other working shifts. Interesting!

  • Some operations may need to employ the machinery with a higher reliability level than the others, even if all have the safety certificates. Safety cardex is the solution showing the last reliability of the machinery.

  • Machinery with higher safety reliability is also more expensive than low reliability one. There is a gap for machinery owner who rent the machine to its customers. What was the overall risk of the machine at the time of delivery before and after in the deal! Safety certificates could not demonstrate the preseverence of primary safety level and its change during the operation.

Traveling Risk Vs. Operational Risk

There are many tough situation in which the executive faced with lack of access to a standard machinery. Safety cardex would inform decision makers that the current machine just have traveling risk and not operational risk. Therefore, it might be possible to use the machine for lifting if they have known the details of machinery risk.

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