Emergency Response Action

To minimize the impact of incidents on the business assets and its stakeholders, the company must developed practical action plan to mitigated the ungoing incidents promptly. It could be one or multiple scene such as fire, injuries and medical service requirement, pollution spread or security issues.

My HSSE team has concentrated on chemical incidents and emergency responce action. While a company have specific operational process, it would be easy to plan the emergency response planning for the involved chemicals. NFPA 1620 explain the pre-incident planning requirements in details that conducts companies on how to do deep preparedness. My HSSE team could assist their clients to define ite pre-incident planning for their business assets.

Dangerous Goods Emergency response within Warehousing & Logistic

At the public services which encounter with varities of chemicals and dangerous goods, emergency response action requires having the access to the more functional data. SDS has contained a wide range of data within 16 items that written in many pages. My HSSE team is proud to introduce the book titled: Fire Fighter’s Handbook of Hazardous Materials written by Charles J. Baker to all emergency response units and HSSE teams. it contains:

  • One line data for emergency action safety requirement & Planning

  • One line data for selection the appropriate extinguishers

  • One line data for determining the suitable red and yellow zone redious for evacuation

  • One line data extra consideration for medical and other emergency team

HAZMAT Team preparedness and Training

If your company interested to train its firefighters or emergency response team, My HSSE team could provide some different drills and training for them.

Do not attempt to clean up material unless trained and authorized to do so!