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Flexible Health Strategy In Business Environment

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SARS, COVID-19 or the other Health RISK

Contagious disease is spreading around the world and threat financial aspects on both businesses and workers. The way company manages the health risk is challenging issues that became worse in confronting COVID-19. It makes a compelling case for resilient and humanly sustainable businesses by focusing on improving employees’ well-being.

My HSE has provided a web application, assisting business managers and their staffs to measure their nearby risk personally and while they attended in different groups. This application was free of charge for people and family to analyze their own risk alone and while they live with the family. However, if a business has desired to understand the overall Covid-19 risk in their departments or its territories, they have to top up their accounts.

How does this application work?

Each staff has the opportunity to determine their exposure Covid risk over 25 different behaviors that common in their life. The application presents the user 4 different dashboards:

1- Personal dashboard: Presenting the overall risk he/she is exposed based on the given answers while highlighting the threaten behaviors out of the 25 subjects.

2- Family Dashboard: By Integrating the risk of exposing all family members depends on the time they attend in their household, the application calculates the overall Health risk inside the family.

3- Team Dashboard: In similar to family dashboard, the application calculates the overall Covid risk within a team by integrating the Covid risk of each member of the group.

4- Organization Dashboard: Inside a business, there are a broad communication network internally and externally. The way workers collaborate each other over the time forms the internal network, while the way they interact with their families and the nearby community shapes the external network. This application combines these networks to calculate the overall Covid-19 risk of the business that cascading to related departments and territories.

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December 7, 2020


Alzahra University


“My HSSE” Team

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