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Safety Analysis at a Luxury 5 stars Hotel

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Safety & Sustainability of a 5-stars Luxury Hotel

Safety, Health & well being are always top priorities of the hotel industry, let alone its importance for the luxury hotels. Enhancing the hotel HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) and Sustainability has laid down with the group management strategy and the quality of their assets & services. During this project, “My HSSE” team was invited to define the safety risk standards at different concepts and to investigate the safety reliability to publish the Hotel Safety Performance Report. Hotel safety at the Corona era, also requires considering the needs to modify the operating systems to reduce the risk of spreading contagious diseases due to hotel services.

The hotel was constructed in 1962 by the Hilton group with Royal quality; however, inadequate maintenance made a large deviation from the primary qualification. Therefore, the first part of safety review allocated to review the infrastructure safety. Then the investigation concentrated study the reliability of F&G system and engine room which extended to other electrical and mechanical services. Food safety and health services are the second part of the investigation, which initiated by reviewing a large set of restaurants, cafes and kitchens that extended to room and recreational assets and services. Landscape and decoration design and safety are the other section of this study, which includes the lobbies, building facades, green area and plantation, parking lots and fountains. Finally, the Hotel safety management in HR management, service planning and quality control were reviewed in terms of risk management.

After the thorough safety investigations, all safety risks were integrated to produce the Hotel safety score, which was cascadable to each assets and services. If you are interested to understand the overall safety score at your asset, Just send us your inquiry.

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June 7, 2021


Parsian Isteghlal Hotel


“My HSSE” Team

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