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Building Inspiring Work Environment

Proactive organization realize that the businees success has linked with the stakeholders participation. On the otherside, involving stakeholders requires that a company has transparent policy and participation code. Failure in implementation of this strategy limiting the stakeholders participation in decision making leading to lower investment growth.
Theoritically, the workplace disorders, anti-social behavior and pollution would increase the workers misbehavior and raise the crime in the work environment. Similarly, the outcomes would intensify the disordered situation in the work environment, again. HSSE is a professional disciplined to manage all unsafe and unsustainable manners. (“Broken window theory” given by Wilson & Kelling, 1982)


Project investment is initiated by employing different types of machineirs and workers, all must go for HSE registration to determine all unsafe and embeded HSE risks. Then, the unacceptable risk would go under the appropriate corrective actions and control by using the proper barriers. Standard designed machineries have different IPLs (Independent Protection layers) which most of them could be deactivated over the time if not manitained and supervised by HSE department.
HSE department has the responsibility of reviewing all engineering and operational IPLs, Human resourse job Hazard analysis and following the material safety data sheet.

Integrating a wide range of safety requirements, controls and barriers in line with monitoring the tolerable risk level is a tough job as they have to go for reliability analysis and systematic risk accomodation.

In addition to the monitoring of the business safety, the employer must consider the emergency response plans as well as preparedness of qualified response team to prevent of incidents worse expansion. As the demand for activation of ERT is low, business must plan for periodic drills as well as reporting the performance reliability continously.

Tomorrow Is made Today

There are different sustainability reporting frameworks such as GRI, SASB, CDB, ISO 26001 etc. Some of them such as GRI looking for different concepts of businesses (Economic, Social, Environmental and Governance). Some others just looking for specific dimensions of sustainability such as financial impact or credit carbon.

Since 2016, all countries and international organizations (in following the UN General Assembly decision) have started to report their performances through 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Although 169 targets were defined for countries, just some of them may have directly link with the business investment at the corporate level. Each business is a live community with micro scale in compare with the national scale, therefore, each of the SDG target must interpret for using inside the organization.

Dimension of measurement on each of 169 indicators could be divided in four groups: 1- Independent metric measures, 2- Result based metrics, 3- Risk based or qualitative metrics and 4- Financial metrics

While most companies just report independent sustainability indicators such as employement, water consumptions, carbon emisions etc, or financial impact of their decision to move toward green sustainability, they could not recognized their overall sustainability performance score. “My HSSE” team has experienced to integrate wide range of risk-based sustainability targets and produce the overall sustainability score for its client which is completely unique and tailor made for the client business.

Complete Training Services

HSSE experts could be ready from different perspectives such as Technically, Physically, Mentality. No matter what university degree do they have, HSSE experts have to knowledgable and remember safety engineering and behavior management techniques. Depends on the HSSE role at the emergency response team, they all have to know the basic CPR, First Aid, Firefighting, Traffic Control practicaly.
“My HSSE” team try its best to train HSSE staff to be ready to attend on CSP exam. Then, the practical course would be planned in each industry for HSSE team member. Refresh training also, conducted annually.


Physical and mental test also setup for HSSE team and the weekly exercises plan for them and monitor through application and field test. Learning on how to use different detectors, electrical tools and how to investigate failed detectors in F&G systems are the other part of this registration.

Offshore HSSE staff have to be understand and participate on marine search & rescue, Coxswain, Huet, H2S and other related drills.

Hazard, Tolerable Risk, Controls & Safeguard

Different types of asset exist in the working area ranged from Human resource to facilities and nearby machineries, material and the environment.
Regardless, the asset, the way an operator contribute to conduct a task or the process design to confront with the released energy are making the other group of HSSE risk.
Final group of risk is related to the management and the way the employer shape the organization culture to incounter with stakeholders.

Each group of risk created by specific hazards or failure conditions in the work environment. Asset HSSE registrations is designed to get review of each group of assets by “My HSSE” team. The process include determination of HSSE check sheets based on related standards, Measuring the unacceptable risk in compare with the minimum tolerable level. Then HSSE score is calculated for each assets in line with suggesting the proper corrective actions to rectify the anomalies. HSSE Cardex system presents the outcome of the HSSE investigation.

My HSSE team is ready to do the HSSE registration for diverse range of assets for different industrial groups. The outcomes, not only presents the HSSE gap analysis, but also provide the overall HSSE score on each assets and list the embeded HSSE risks.

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